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Relik Restaurant and Bar is located on the 2nd Floor of the Commercenter building across HSBC, Net Quad, St. Luke's and is also just one block away from Shangri-La The Fort and F1 Hotel. We are located in a mix-use building with over 80 parking slots for your comfort and convenience. Relik Restaurant and Bar is a hole-in-the-wall establishment with an inconspicuous façade and rustic interiors that give off a homey feel. We pride ourselves in catering to the working community within our vicinity and are committed to giving our customers great services with premium food at affordable prices plus a wide array of nightly live music. No food leaves our kitchen without the utmost love and care for a premium dining experience.

Our Specialty Dishes

Our Chef Recommends


Relik’s Platter PHP 725

Consists of Relik’s Three “Best Selling” Dishes: Relik’s Nachos, Chorizig, and Beef Strips Salpicao.

Seafood and Cheese Platter PHP 775

Get a combination of Cheese Quesadilla, Gambas al Ajilo, and our new Salmon Belly Sisig.

Trio of Chicken Platter PHP 529

Heaping servings of bite-size pieces of our BBQ Chicken Popcorn, deliciously sweet Sticky Wings, and non-spicy Buffalo Chicken Skin.

The Big Plate PHP 1,325

Inclusive of our versions of the traditional Crispy Pata, BBQ Ribs (1/4), BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters, and Homemade Fries. Good for 6-8 persons.


Salmon Belly Sisig PHP 289

Delectable salmon belly cooked in our special mildly spicy sisig sauce topped with homemade tortilla crisps for a savory crunch that comes with every bite.

Loaded Mashed Potato PHP 375

Generous layers of fluffy mashed potatoes, bolognese and cheese sauce all combined for a mouthful of flavors. Good for sharing.

BBQ Chicken Popcorn PHP 239

Breaded chicken popcorn tossed in hot pepper seasoning served with a savory BBQ sauce.

Relik’s Nachos PHP 248

Homemade crunchy tortilla chips smothered in savory meat sauce topped with shredded lettuce, tomato salsa, and cheddar cheese drizzled with a generous amount of sour cream.


Salmon Seaweed Rice PHP 535

Soy-glazed salmon served with seaweed rice to balance out a sweet and salty palette topped off with nori strips and sesame seeds for that perfect finishing touch.

Salisbury Steak PHP PHP 348

Sizzling salisbury steak laid on a bed of light and fluffy mashed potato smothered with mushrooms and savory black pepper gravy.

Beef Sukiyaki Bowl PHP 308

Tender sukiyaki-cut beef sautéed in our special soy sauce topped with caramelized red onions and soft boiled egg.

BBQ Chicken Leg Quater PHP 475

Juicy barbeque baked chicken leg quarters served with warm garlic rice and a side salad.


Join Our Team


To become the top of mind and go-to restaurant and bar in every business district for comfort food, entertainment and exceptional service.


For Our Customers


We are passionate in providing comfort food and a wide selection of drinks. We will never compromise our product quality.


We will provide quality service and make every dining experience delightful. We will work each day to exceed customer expectations.


We will offer a home away from home ambiance by maintaining Relik's sanitation and cleanliness standards.

For Our Employees

We will provide a friendly and professional work environment with a promise of growth and development.

For Our Stakeholders & Suppliers

We will strengthen stakeholder’s confidence to the company by being the trusted team in serving Relik Restaurant and Bar. We will ensure optimal return on investments for all our shareholders. We will build a consistent and mutually beneficial partnership with our suppliers.

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